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Is your dog stressed? Here I`ll explain how to relax your puppy!

Is your dog stressed? Here I`ll  explain how to relax your puppy!Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

Have you noticed a change in your dog`s behavior? He/she may be stressed out!

It is not unusual for a dog to experience stress and anxiety, it is more common than you think. Each dog is a individual like us and as a pet parent you should look out for what causes him/her stress. It is not easy to see your pet going through this, your puppy will try to express it through body language.

The signs of stress/anxiety are vary and may change for each dog, here below I have mentioned few:

  • Decrease appetite or refusal to eat
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Yawning, drooling or licking
  • Increase sleeping

The causes of stress that your dog is experiencing can be as vary. Some common causes could be related to a particular event i.e. Fireworks, thunderstorms, some loud noises, loneliness, separation, etc...

You can help your furry friend to relax with the following tips:

Exercise can help your dog and yourself to relieve some tensions by doing some activities like i.e. walking, running etc... Petting or staying near to your dog is a great way to ease anxiety. Physical contact will create a bond between you and your dog and that will relieve anxiety and stress. It`s important to stay with your pet until the stress event has passed. 

Dog Bandana

Essentials oils can be a great way to calm down your puppy, a good method can be obtained by apply some of these essences on a dog Bandana. Remember always to read the label instructions before to use it.

Music specifically developed for puppies can also relief anxiety 

Remember always to seek professional help because some of these symptoms mentioned above can underline a medical problem.

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